Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Big News!

First, let me say I'm sorry for not updating for so long-my life has been a little crazy lately! (If you're at all interested in that story, you can read about it HERE)

But guess what????

Here's a little bit of a back story that also ties into the ring:-) Marcus and I met July 16th, 2011 at his place of work. I was on a family vacation with my mom, step dad and little sister. Marcus was actually our waiter at a banquet in a beautiful hotel. I am incredibly shy and was definitely intimidated by his good looks (He is a former model) and could barely look at him until my sister nudged me and pointed out the fact he kept looking at me. Finally, I looked up and smiled at him and the rest of the night we flirted every time he came to the table. I am actually a terrible flirt...I have no idea how I managed flirting with him, LoL. I think God definitely stepped in and gave me a bit of a push. He seemed so cool and confident-I only found out later he was intimidated by me! I still find that hard to believe but he swears it's true, LoL. 
Anyway-He told me he was shy and nervous to talk to me because he thought I was "so beautiful"-he said  I looked"just like a Princess". (I like to say God gave him beer goggles but just without the beer! Haha!) So Marcus has called me his Princess ever since we first started seeing each other. So that's why he chose the princess cut diamond (which also happens to be my favorite cut!) and I love my ring so much. He did such a good job picking it out and the proposal was a complete surprise. It was private-just how I would've wanted it if I could have chosen the moment myself! 

Some ring shots....

I am very much a person who prefers a classic style (I am a total sucker for the 50s) -I never had a desire for a trendy ring or anything too big and flashy. This ring is actually bigger than I would have expected or picked but it's absolutely perfect! It's a princess cut diamond, about 1/2 ct, in a gorgeous cathedral setting in white gold.(I also prefer white gold over yellow). He picked it out all on his own and absolutely nailed my taste! Not that that's surprising-He has had an amazing knack for that since our very first Christmas together!

I am so blessed and grateful to have such a wonderful man in my life- I couldn't have hoped for anyone better. I am thankful to God for putting us together and am excited to start planning our wedding. I want Marcus to be involved in every step of the planning (Well-all the steps he wants to be-except the dress shopping, of course! haha) He is actually excited about having a traditional wedding- It will be a small and intimate wedding-we're hoping to keep the guest list around 50- 75, but I don't want to leave anyone I love out-and I love an awful lot of people, LoL. That's been the biggest struggle so far:-/ The wedding will be in October of next year-October is my favorite month and Marcus proposed on the 8th of October so there couldn't be a better time for it! 

Thank you so much to everyone who has offered their love and support! I am grateful beyond words to my loyal followers and readers! Also, stay tuned for a little celebratory giveaway! (It'll be taking place on my other blog, A Little More Beautiful-but I'll post it here as well:-) I'll be announcing that in this upcoming week!
Please feel free to leave comments if you are planning a wedding, recently engaged or already married and share your wedding/engagement stories! And if you're not engaged or married yet, I'd love to hear bout your dream ring, dream engagement, and dream wedding!

 Love to ALL!!! 

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