Monday, July 9, 2012

Gorgeous Cocktail Rings!

Cocktail rings are a great way to display style-especially your unique personal style (Being Unique is key to being a style icon, after all!). Cocktail rings are almost always better when they're costume than when they're real. Vintage or vintage inspired rings are really special and eye-catching. They're also meant to be bold and make a statement so don't be shy, go big and dramatic!

I love bold, glamorous nature inspired rings....David Webb makes incredible ones with these qualities. They're superb quality and worth the price by far! This one has a hefty price tag ($6,300.00) but as an animal lover, I'm in utter awe of it!

You can find an abundant amount of styles from romantic and feminine to rocker and punk styles. No matter what your personal style, you can find a cocktail ring (or several!) to match it!

Here are some great vintage Cocktail Rings to inspire you! These are all available at Etsy's. They're all under $40!


Made by Lena