Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Gorgeous Vintage Inspired Hair Styles

If it isn't completely obvious, I love the glamour and style of Old Hollywood. One of the things I've always been fascinated by are the different hair style of the 30s, 40s and 50s. They were so classy and feminine and deceptively simple looking (however long it actually took to achieve those those alluring looks! Here are some fabulous vintage inspired hair styles that look just as fabulous today!

The Lovely Katy Perry with a classic bob with waves.

Katherine Heigl sporting some 40s inspired curls.

I love this pretty updo. The pins in it are so gorgeous (and so vintage)!

Dita Von Teese looking gorgeous and very Bettie Page!

Dita Von Teese again with lovely shoulder length "bob" with perfect waves.

Have any of you tried out a vintage style? They can be awfully tricky to get just the right look but they are so pretty! Let me know about your attempts and experiences! I'd love to see some pictures of you gorgeous ladies sporting some fantastic vintage looks!

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Do you Love Lucy?

Hi guys! I just wanted to post real quickly about a contest my mom is having over at her really awesome blog about Lucille Ball "Everybody Loves Lucy". It's this great, collectible set of paper dolls! These have some of Lucy's most beautiful outfits as well as some of her more comical ones. Definitely head over and enter if you're a fan or even just a fan of fashion! Some of these Brand new sets are going for over $100 on Ebay!

You can enter here: Lucy Paper Doll Contest

It's free, easy and very quick to enter! She works super hard on her blog and is so excited about this giveaway so I hope you enter!!! Have a great one!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Guest Post: Hattie Carnegie Dresses

To continue on with our Hattie Carnegie storey so we can get a better glimpse of Lucy's modeling days spent with her, here a few photos of Hattie's designs:

By: Kathie at Everybody Loves Lucy

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Vintage and Vintage Inspired Gloves

Gloves really brings to mind the word "ladylike" for me. I've always adored gloves but you rarely see women wearing them outside of wintry weather. Personally, I think gloves can look adorable and can be made to look totally individual and even modern. I mean, look at Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's-the black dress, the gloves...that look is still gorgeous today. At least...I know I'd still wear a similar look today! Well, here are some gorgeous, feminine and adorable gloves both authentically vintage and vintage inspired:

Price: $12.99
Available at: Mod Cloth

Price: $27
Available at: Ballyhoo Vintage Clothing

Price: $30
Availble at: Dandelion Vintage

Price: $32
Availble at: Dandelion Vintage

Price: $12.99
Available at: Mod Cloth

Price: $19.99
Available at: Mod Cloth

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Guest Post : Lucille Ball and Hattie Carnegie

This is a guest post by Kathie (My wonderful mommy, hehe;-) from her awesome blog "Everybody Loves Lucy"...Check it out HERE!

We "Lucy lovers" almost have to credit the famous Hattie Carnegie and her salon with the start of Lucy's career. Hattie was born on 15 March 1889 in Vienna and came to New York where she eventually based her fashion empire.

She rose to fame in the 20's and 30's which was the era of hats for women and Hattie started out as a milliner where owned beautiful shop on East Tenth street. She called it Carnegi-Ladies Hatter. After that, she turned her attention to her dress shop which she opened in a much ritzier neighbor hood on the upper West side at 42ND and 49Th streets. Now close to Saks Fifth Avenue, the Hattie Carnegie boutique began to cater to a much different clientele. Hattie sold dresses that were her own design as well as dresses from designers such as the famous Chanel and Dior as well as a costume jewelry line she also designed herself. Believe it or not, she even sold cosmetics, but under a different name.

It wasn't long before Hattie's designs were a major success and client list began to include movie stars and royalty such as the duchess of Windser and Joan Crawford. Hattie died in 1956 but her dresses, hats and jewelry are still prized and highly collectible even today and often go for outrageous prices and they are worth every Penny!

When young Lucy graduated from high school and went to New York City looking for work and to make her mark on the show-biz world, she thought she'd try her hand at acting but when some teachers at the actors studio told her she was basically talentless (can you imagine!!!), knowing she needed to eat, decided to give modeling a try. Thinking that name "Diane Belmont" sounded sophisticated she applied for a job at the famous Hattie's and because of her slim figure, she was hired.

Hattie took a instant liking to the skinny, long-legged girl and saw something in her that that others didn't. She used Lucy more often than her other models because she never complained, worked hard and always maintained a sense of humor. She also had the body to carry off the all the looks in the salon. Hattie also recommended Lucy for the "Chesterfield Girl" billboard ad campaign. It seems as if it was a match made in heaven. This photo is one of our Lucy modeling. I can't be sure if this is a shot where she is wearing one of Hattie's designs or not, but it is beautiful and so is our girl. Despite the fact that Lucy was a redhead (for most of her life anyway)and "they" say redheads shouldn't wear pink, Lucy adored pink and looked gorgeous in it. This particular Hattie Carnegie dress did NOT belong to Lucy but she would have looked gorgeous in it!

Written By: Kathie
Everybody Loves Lucy

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Vintage Party Dresses!!

I think it's important for everyone to be truly unique, especially when a party or big event requires a fancy dress. Well, the absolute sure way to be unique and fabulous at any event is to go vintage! You're positive to get a one of the kind piece and standout in any crowd! There are countless options when shopping vintage but here are some really pretty ones!!!

Price: $249

Price: $750

Price: $395

Price: $295

Price: $595

All of these gorgeous Vintage finds are available at The Cat's Pajamas!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

80's Fashion Anyone...?

The 80s was probably not the fashion highlight of everyone's lives....well, at least not the hair sprayed big hair, the makeup overkill, and the Golden Girls wardrobes. But there were some high points of that fashion decade! Here are some of my favorite 80s Fashion pieces! :

JULIE DUROCHE Black Beaded Fringe Party Dress
- An all out party dress! I love this-it's super glamorous, but the black makes it really wearable and not too "in-your-face".
Available at: Couture Allure
Price: $175

1980'S Metallic Snake Skin Purse
- A very cute little bag-I could see it being used casually or for cocktail hour.
Available at: Posh Girl Vintage
Price: $59

1980's Ralph Lauren Women's Polo Riding Boots
-I absolutely love these! Sooo gorgeous and still wearable today. These are a classic!
Available at: Posh Girl Vintage
Price: $293

80s Strapless Black Party Dress w/ Layered Tulle Skirt
- Cute and sexy- like a naughty ballerina. A great party dress!
Available at: Viva La Vintage
Price: $75.00

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Vintage Swimsuits!

These beautiful vintage style swimsuits make you look pin-up ready at the pool. The pin-up style swimsuit is sexy and lady like. Here are some of my favorite vintage style swimsuits!

The Veronica Bikini
Mod Cloth

Bathing Beauty Retro Swimsuit in Red
Mod Cloth

Leopard Print Swimsuit - The Marilyn 1pc Retro Swimsuit by Pinup Couture - Leopard
Pinup Girl Clothing

Cherry Swimsuit - The Bettie Retro One Piece Swimsuit
Pinup Girl Clothing

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Gorgeous 1950s Dress

I am just in love with this dress!! It's from my favorite fashion decade and It's so classic and elegant! I think it's just as wearable today as it was in the 1950s!

Site's Dress Description: A gorgeous 1950's cocktail dress in a pale pinkish beige taffeta and plish black velvet. Fitted velvet bodice with thin straps and three decorative self fabric buttons. Taffeta bust inset with winding black velvet cord trim and prong set rhinestones. The velvet can be folded over to reveal more of the inset if you prefer (as shown in the bodice close up photo) Dress has a full, twirling skirt with black velvet appliques (shown here with a crinoline... not included). Side metal zipper. Bodice is boned.

Size: (need help with your measurements? click here)
33" bust, 25" waist, free hips. Approximately 47 1/2" from shoulder to hem.

Condition: In good condition. Hint of shine on the velvet at the underarm edges. Scattered pin head sized orange spots on the skirt (not bad). A large, but faint water type spot on the rear of the skirt. A smaller, but still very faint water type spot under one of the appliques. A pick to the center of the bust inset.

Price: $175

Available at www.vintageous.com!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Hemlock Vintage= Amazing Vintage Finds!

Both of these gorgeous 50s dresses immediately caught my eye. They're both completely different but utterly stunning! I hope you love them as much as I do!

Dramatic 1950's thick cream satin and fine black net lace evening dress from the high end department store Harzfeld's Kansas City. Dress is beautifully tailored with many details. The bodice is basically cut like a bustier with boning inserted inside. It is not just cut straight across, but has unique jutting pieces where the straps meet the bodice. The neckline is also shaped and curved. The straps are the satin fabric that has been cinched with elastic and then appliqued with rosettes of black lace. The back also has this shaped neckline with subtle points. The shoulder straps can be removed and may have been added to the dress for modesty - making the dress strapless would show off the unique neckline. As far as the skirt, the black lace is not an overskirt, but is painstakingly sewn onto the satin underneath and overlaps the hem just an inch or two to give the impression it is separate. The skirt is backed with a starched white net with a stiff facing through the hem, allowing the skirt to retain it's form. Side metal zipper. Labels read, "Harzfeld's Kansas City" and "Wilmont Original."

Condition: very good. Some small minor breaks to the lace, but nothing noticeable.

Bust: almost 36", but a narrow back
Waist: 25"
Hips: --
Width Between Shoulder Seams: --
Length: @47"
Skirt Length: 32"
Under Bust: --

Price: $415

Info:1950's Purple Milgrim Wool Dress. Coming soon!

Condition: Very good

No sizing or price information available for this dress yet-check Hemlock's site for info on this!

Make sure to visit Hemlock Vintage for more incredible dresses from many eras!

Made by Lena