Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shrimpton Couture

The great site called Shrimpton Couture has some amazing vintage clothing and designer clothing. There are amazing pieces from all different decades so there is something for everyone to love. Go check them out! Shrimpton Couture!

Here are two of my favorite items:

1950s Silk & Lace Elinor Gay Original

What a wonderful dress from the fifties! It has a definite Grace Kelly kind of look to it! Soft cotton machine lace is set in a panel that circles the entire, very full, skirt. The same lace sits over a strapless bodice that peeks out through the lace when worn. A wide sash waist draws in the eye and the silk will create a wonderful swish sound as you walk. It's a stunning example of the era and a beautifully constructed garment in pristine condition. the only hint that it was ever worn at all is the very occasional piece of confetti in the seams of the bodice. I think it would be bad luck to remove them!


1950s Silk Organza Cocktail Dress

Description: An absolutely beautiful cocktail dress in silk organza. The sheer organza lies over a black base skirt and a floral stitched bodice in cream. The hint of flowers peeking through the organza creates the most wonderful effect. The skirt is full and the sleeves puff and end in an extravagant cuff. Its a spectacular piece of 1950s workmanship and the perfect ensemble for a more formal cocktail party.

Price: $475


Celia Pleete said...

GORGEOUS. I love the shape of this, and the fabric must be astounding.


Made by Lena