Sunday, October 19, 2008

Style Trends of the 1920s

The 1920s were indeed roaring! So much in fashion changed during this time-from women's under garments to dresses. There were no more corsets or bustles and hemlines were much higher from calf length to knee length (for a brief period in the mid to late 20s). Very thin, boyish figures were very fashionable during this period, as the particular style of clothing fell better on such figures than a curvy woman. Larger busted women actually would wrap their chests to flatten them to better suit the fashions. The things we do for fashion, right? (Hehe;-)

Here are some of the fashion and style trends from the roaring 20s:

What was in for Clothing and Fashion: Sleeveless garments, beading, plunging necklines and low backs, knit sweaters, dropped waists, calf and knee length skirts, hats, feathers, lace, fur, mary jane shoes

What was in for Makeup: The eyes were the emphasis in the 20s. Smokey eye makeup and false eye lashes with very thin eye brows. Lips were usually made to look more narrow, dark and very defined.

What was in for Hair: The short "bob" was in. Wearing it straight, wavy or curly, all were seen in the 20s. Short hair was very chic.

Some great vintage 20s dresses:

1) 1920's Deco Electric Blue Sequin and Auroraborealis Beaded Flapper Overdress, $785, Antique Dress.

2) 1923 Black Net Multicolored Beaded Overdress! $885, Antique Dress.

3) 1926 YVONNE, Paris Gold Beaded Cotton Net Flapper Dress! Handmade in France! In Nearly Mint Condition. $2,685. Antique Dress.

4) 1925 Black Silk and Crepe Flapper Dress with Slit Skirt Front. $1,595. Antique Dress.

5) 1920's Pink Velvet Party Dress with gold metal lace and fabric. Excellent Condition. $345. Hemlock Vintage.



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