Saturday, September 27, 2008

Statement Jewelry

Ladies, put aside your dainty jewelry and break out the statement pieces! It just so happens that some of the best statement jewelry you can find is either vintage or vintage inspired! Want some good news? It's just as awe inspiring if it's costume jewelry!
You can easily transform a little black dress by putting on a gorgeous vintage or vintage inspired necklace. You can find incredible looking pieces without spending a fortune.
Another plus? If you go vintage, it's going to be something unique that no one else will have!! But when shopping vintage, don't buy because it's a good price--but it because you love it and will definitely wear it.

Here are some great vintage or vintage inspired pieces:

Check out these websites:
Shy Siren
Michelle's Vintage Jewelry
Vintage Jewelry Online
Affordable Vintage Jewelry

Shy Siren, $92
Vintage Jewelry Online, $225
Shy Siren $30
Michelle's Vintage Jewelry, $92
Etsy $108
Affordable Vintage $75
Affordable Vintage $95


RockRushIndia said...

Nice post. I love to make this type of different jewellery.


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